Buildings and Grounds

Our school was one of the first to be built as part of the State Government PPP (Public, Private Partnership) initiative. Under the PPP model, schools are financed, designed, constructed and maintained by the private sector to high contractual standards over 25 years, allowing Principals and teachers to focus on student learning, rather than asset management.

Mernda Primary School is very fortunate to have extensive playing and sporting grounds. Our 4.5 hectares of grounds are unmatched for space and we are continually upgrading our facilities to cater for our growing population. We have grassed oval areas, passive areas, and dedicated playgrounds for each section of the school.

MPS Oval

Our grounds consist of sustainable and water wise gardens that are designed around the natural landscaped and picturesque views of the mountains and original river red gum trees. Our facilities manager has done a wonderful job working with the community to create interesting and unique spaces.

We have an open grassed area that can be used for a range of outdoor activities. This area provides plenty of open space for all students to run and kick a ball at recess and lunchtimes.  Our children can utilise the football and soccer goal posts, cricket pitch and cricket nets.

Passive Play Area

Not all students want to run around with active games at all times. Often students want to sit, talk and play quietly with friends. To facilitate this we are able to offer a range of formal and informal spaces. These include:


This state of the art sporting complex provides an excellent space for our students to participate in Physical Education lessons, Inter-school Sports, Perceptual Movement Program, sporting clinics as well as providing a venue for our school assemblies and major events such as Prep Graduation and Year Level Mini Concerts.

Attached to this building, MPS also hosts an outdoor classroom and stage space for flexible and creative learning environments aimed at providing a place for all types of learners to flourish.

MPS Frog Bog

We have an area that we call “The Frog Bog” which is constantly under development. It has a winding pathway, vegetable gardens, a seasonal water catchment area for our resident frogs which is a wonderful place for students to sit and relax, explore and learn. Another feature of this area is our outdoor classroom. This area gives our teachers and students the opportunity to take their learning outdoors. Our fantastic Pirate Ship playground is nearby this area.

The Multi-Purpose Sports Area

This state of the art facility houses a Futsal Court, Hop Scotch, seating areas and our very popular Gaga pits.  Nearby the Rocket Ship playground provides fun and challenges for our early years students to enjoy. This is an excellent space where our students can participate in a variety of both individual and team based activities. Physical immersion helps students to develop coordination and strength while expanding their growth and thinking mentally, emotionally and socially. Participation in team sport cultivates a sense of co-operation, assists with the development of friendships and fosters an appreciation of what it is to be a ‘good sport’.

There are numerous areas around the school with clusters of trees and seating which are used by students who play and socialise quietly amongst them.