Welcome to Mernda Primary School

Welcome to the Mernda Primary School website! Our school is a vibrant, learning and inclusive place with a very strong community focus. Our students are cared for by highly professional staff who provide your child with a well balanced curriculum that covers numeracy, literacy, integrated curriculum, physical education, science, performing and visual arts. We value relationships and the development of positive attitudes  towards ourselves and others. We promote the following values through a whole school approach; commitment to learning, pride in our work and behaviour, teamwork, acceptance of everybody and resilience. We are excited by the diversity of our programs, the wonderful community involvement plus the enthusiasm and dedication of all staff working with our 840 students.

In 2011 our school relocated to a new location in Everton Drive, Mernda Villages. This state of the art facility features open learning areas, visual arts, sciences and technology spaces, a resource area, performing arts centre and gymnasium. As part of the environmental project the creation of a ‘frog bog’ at  the school is focused on sustainability by inviting our students to take part in its environmental education program. We trust that the information provided on this website is helpful to you.