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Welcome to Mernda Primary

Welcome to the Mernda Primary School website, our aim is to give you a snap shot of this wonderful school. Our Mernda community strives to build a ‘community of learners’ that work towards the collective success for all. Together we aim to ensure that individual ‘next step’ learning is relevant, meaningful and applicable to the learner. We promote respect, resilience, persistence and independent learning strategies to foster lifelong learning that capably prepares our students for the 21st Century.

We believe that strong, interdependent relationships within a community acts to support our students to develop resilience which will enable them to take responsible risks, solve complex problems through strategic persistence and ‘bounce back’ quickly from inevitable disappointments.
At Mernda we strive to enable each student to achieve their personal best and to ensure that they are challenged and engaged in all parts of the learning process. Our school is an innovative and stimulating learning environment that shares the learning intentions & success criteria with students from Prep to Grade 6.

Mernda Primary School values and recognises the diversity of our students and each of their individual needs. We encourage independence and creativity, respect and understanding, responsibility and confidence. It is a school that focuses on positiveness and the strength that comes from a community working together to achieve goals. Our staff are dedicated to care and educate every student and we share in the belief that happy students learn more effectively. Learning is a very personal journey and at this school we create a safe learning environment where error is welcomed and the power of feedback is maximised to build success.
Mernda Primary has flexible teaching spaces allowing us to design a curriculum that meets the needs of the innovative and technical learner. Students are grouped according to their ability levels as they learn literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills. Students have the latest technology such as Laptop’s, Microsoft Tablets, iPads, Smart Devices, netbooks, digital cameras and Interactive Whiteboards. The school is fast becoming a leader in innovative technology and students are proud of how they display technology in a variety of forms. Specialist programs in Science, Robotics and Coding, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Chinese and Physical Education complement class programs. Every student at Mernda Primary celebrates their learning through their digital portfolio which is shared with families twice during the school year.
What makes us special is our people – our culture of respect, our understanding of diversity, our focus on active learning, trust and communication, and our commitment to personal excellence.
In an environment like this, learning becomes both exciting and stimulating. Our goal is to develop resilient and optimistic students who have a thirst for knowledge and the skills to navigate their own progress. We are building a school community that develops future leaders.

We look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you about this great place of learning. Please call and make some time to come in and chat, and to investigate an enriching environment for your child’s primary schooling.


Janet Hamer

Assistant Principals:
Mark Hart & Jason Watts

P: (03) 9717 7900


25 Everton Drive
Mernda, VIC 3754
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Mark Hart

Jason Watts

Yoong Chin

Student Wellbeing:
Lily Dowse

Student Transition & Pathways:
Jo Couret

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