Performing Arts

Mernda Primary School provides students from Prep to Year 6 with a program that encompasses Dance, Drama & Music. There are opportunities for students to experiment with different forms of movement and dance as well as acting and stage performances. The Music Program is also very extensive and aims to teach students about the use of different instruments, tempo, rhythm and much more. 

Mernda Primary School staff also offer to share their amazing expertise through providing various programs which gets many people excited such as…

Mernda’s Got Talent

  • Students audition during Performing Arts sessions 
  • Selected students then compete for a trophy performing for an audience of students

Singing Group

  • The Prep Singing Group have opportunities to perform songs and dance at whole school assemblies
  • The Year 1-3 Singing Group enjoys opportunities to come together in order to sing and perform songs on our outdoor stage and at Mernda Community Events
  • The Year 4-6 Singing Group have opportunities to learn a wider variety of songs and develop an understanding of what it means to sing in a choir. This group accepts invitations to sing off site and they have visited Shopping Centres, Retirement Villages and performed at Australian Citizenship ceremonies to name just a few.
Mr Colin Schuster – One of Mernda Primary’s Talented Performing Arts Teachers

Drama Group

The Drama Group at Mernda Primary School is offered to students in Year 5 and 6 and they experiment with a variety of scripts based on different themes. During these group sessions, students have the opportunity to investigate performance skills such as stage presence, voice projection, characterisation and some students even hone in on their back stage and sound and lighting skills. The Drama Group also enjoy opportunities across the school year to showcase their performance and acting skills, most notably they work in lead roles during the Mernda Twilight Family Picnic Concert each year.

Whole School Performances

Throughout the year, students in all year levels have opportunities to showcase their new found stage presence learned in Performing Arts lessons during whole school assemblies. Other events such as Mernda’s Got Talent also provide opportunities for our talented students to demonstrate their performance skills and to shine like the stars that they are.

School Concerts

  • Prep to Year 2 Concert – Students enjoy the excitement and the opportunity to perform their dances to family and friends on a stage after learning to cooperate and play their part in a performance
  • Students from Year 3 – 6 create their own class dance linked to the theme for the year. This is held on a big stage outside on the school oval for families who gather with a picnic and is a very happy and enjoyable community event

Disco Week

Over the school year, the Performing Arts Program fosters the love of music and dance to all students by hosting year level specific Discos. Students enjoy music, party dance games, win prizes and even enjoy checking out their teachers busting out their special dance moves on the dance floor!