Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics

At Mernda Primary School, we provide students with the opportunity to participate in the STEAM Program. This program encompasses and integrates all the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and aims to close the gap between how all these elements work together to conceptualise, design, develop, create, test and reflect on new ideas and creations.

Students participate in 2 STEAM Sessions per week from Prep to Year 6 and focuses on developing their investigation skills using 21st Century Tools to support their learning. It is a goal of the ‘STEAM Team’ staff at Mernda Primary to arm our students with the tools to be inquisitive and problem solve. We encourage them to research, test theories and ask questions.

STEAM at Mernda Primary School aims to provide students with thinking foundations and exposure to Digital Technology that is necessary, in order to make them work ready upon graduation of their schooling years.