Year 6-7 Transition

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big transition and a significant event in every child’s education journey. It is a time full of fun and exciting new adventures, but it can also be challenging and anxious for some children. At Mernda Primary School we understand that this transition encompasses many changes in your child’s life and have considered all of these vital elements when designing our ” Striding into Secondary School” transition program.

Year 6 marks the final chapter in a child’s primary school years. To assist in preparing the students for their next chapter,  the Year 6 students at MPS are given extra responsibilities, leadership roles and opportunities to enhance smooth transitions into Secondary education.


At Mernda, our transition program begins with a Parent Information Night. The session provides in depth information about the application process when applying to secondary schools, the Department of Education’s role, designated neighbourhood boundaries, the Year 7 application placement form and tips for preparing your child when moving into secondary school.


During Term 4, the Year 6 students educational program is designed to mirror a secondary school program. Within the first 4 weeks of Term 4, the year 6 students take part in our “Striding into Secondary” program where the students must read their own timetables in order to transition to different classes for core subjects, including Reading, Writing, Number and Applied Mathematics. Students experience learning from a range of teachers and are responsible for managing their own equipment. All students continue to engage in specialist classes as normal and also begin their morning with a home group teacher.

The intention of the Mernda program is to support this seamless move.

At MPS we feel very passionately about assisting our students in making the big step into Secondary education successfully and believe our students benefit greatly from the “Striding into Secondary school” experiences in a safe and familiar environment. 

“Taste of SECONDARY ” visits

Throughout Term 4, students at Mernda visit our local secondary schools to gain a “Taste of Secondary School”. These sessions are aimed at providing Year 6 students with fun, engaging and interactive lessons that are only taught in secondary school. The intention is to expose the students to the secondary education and build their excitement and engagement. The students visit the local secondary school for 3 sessions.


During Term 4, past students from Mernda return to share their experiences of starting secondary school with the Year 6 students. The Year 7 students run a one hour mentoring session, discussing their own personal experiences of transitioning into secondary school and provide tips on how individual students can manage the changes that come with transitioning.


In early December, all state secondary schools hold a state wide Orientation Day. This involves all Year 6 students visiting their chosen secondary school for the day. Schools in the Private and Catholic School Systems may be different. All Year 6 students are encouraged to attend these days.