Year 6 @ MPS

Our building bricks….will end in six!

In Year 6 students celebrate a culmination of their primary school years, all coming together as preparation begins for their transition to secondary schooling. 

Student Leadership

At MPS our students have many opportunities to continue the development of their leadership skills, some as House Captains or School Captains but also as school leaders as they participate in the Prep Buddies program, where they support our Prep students settling into school routines. School Captains are involved in attending community events, where they develop their public speaking skills and represent our wonderful school and join with House Captains to assist at school assemblies and numerous events throughout the year.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Students in Year 6 enjoy participation in extra-curricular activities including Interschool sports and other sporting gala events as well as the Year 6 camp.

Middle Years Curriculum

Students continue to develop their strengths in writing for a variety of genres. Students have developed literacy through the VCOP and Big Write program to edit and reflect upon their writing  and look for ways to improve and continue to extend their writing skills.  Students learn the importance of planning and questioning in preparation for their writing.  Writing in Year 6 involves a number of reflection and editing sessions which involve self-editing, peer editing and conferencing with teachers for students to identify their individual goals for their writing to progress. 

Mathematics sessions, students carry out mental, written and technology-based calculation to solve number problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students learn how to: use decimals for metric measurement and applied mathematics learning. They also investigate the sum of angles and carry out experiments involving chance, as well as interpreting a range of data displays.

As part of the Year 6 Inquiry unit, students examine the Federal Government. They research the Governments’ roles and responsibilities, as well as the values of the Australian Democracy and how members are elected and laws passed. This learning is consolidated through mock elections and a passing of the Bill role play. Students also examine the Geographic features of Australia, Europe and North America. They particularly focus on Natural Disasters, Urbanisation and how the environment influences how people live, work and play. This unit culminates in a research project called ‘The Amazing Race’ where students showcase their learning.

Year 6 students also research Australia – Post Federation. Students examine how Australia became a nation and how society has changed and developed since. Students research events such as the Eureka Stockade and critically explore Mernda ‘Then and Now’. They participate in a ‘Step back in time’ event whereby students dress up in particular eras of the twentieth century to highlight their understanding. Students also explore Economics within the Inquiry unit. They develop an understanding of how choices are made as a consumer, market research, advertising and the challenges of designing and producing a product. During a topic called ‘Shark Tank – Global’, students will plan, design and produce a product that is marketed to the consumer worldwide.

Transitioning into Secondary School

In Term 4 we run an exciting and unique program called, Step Into Secondary. It is a four week program designed to enable students to experience teaching and learning using the Secondary School model. Students will move from class to class for subjects such as; Literature, English, Maths and Economics. Students gain experience in using timetables, class codes and learn the skills of being prepared for their learning and having books ready for classes. 

Year 6 Graduation

Our biggest event is our Year 6 Graduation. Honouring the students’ years at primary school, it is a night of dance, awards, and true celebration, a wonderful night to farewell our students.