The students at Mernda Primary School enjoy an attractive, comfortable and friendly library area that is situated at the entrance of the school in an open environment that overlooks the school yard. This space is designed for classes to attend with their teacher for 25 minutes each week.

After sharing the joy of reading with their peers in a read out loud opportunity, students are encouraged to browse through the wide variety of physical books located in our library. We are fortunate to have a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction titles and subjects, so there is sure to be something of interest for everyone!

With over 22,000 books available for borrowing at Mernda Primary School, including picture story books, fiction and non-fiction titles, there are texts to cater to all reading levels and for all reading needs for our students from Prep through to Year 6.

Our library also has over 2000 titles in the form of electronic books to support learning. These can be accessed on line at school and from home and offer a wide variety of titles and genres for our students and families to enjoy. All of Mernda Primary’s students access the electronic library with their own unique username and password.

At Mernda Primary, we foster the love of reading for lifelong learning.