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Mernda Primary School

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Health & Physical Education

At Mernda Primary School, our HPE Team pride themselves on providing all our students with a comprehensive Health and Physical Education Program. Students participate in a program that includes the development of Fundamental Motor Skills (that are necessary for the foundation of all team and individual sports).

Students learn about the rules and how to play team and individual sports and have the opportunity to participate and compete in school-based House Events, Sporting Carnivals and District and State based events.

The HPE Program at Mernda Primary School also provides students with explicit teaching of Personal, Social and Community Health, which falls in line with the Victorian Curriculum. All of this is taught with the intent to create fit and healthy young Australians who will have the skills to bring this lifestyle into their adult lives.

Interschool Sport

Students in Year 6 are given the opportunity to participate in our Interschool Sport program against other schools within the Bundoora School Sport District during Term One and Term Two each year. The following sports are offered:

Summer/Term One Sport

Kanga Cricket – boys and girls
Teeball – girls
Volleyball – boys and girls
Hot Shots Tennis – boys

Winter/Term Two Sport

AFL – boys and girls
Soccer – boys and girls
Hot Shots Tennis – girls
Netball – boys and girls

Intraschool Sport

During Term Three and Four students in Year 5 and 6 participate in a comprehensive Intraschool Sport program, aimed at developing students’ game sense, sport-specific skills and general sportsmanship in a friendly, competitive environment.
A range of sports are offered in a round robin format from week to week, including Oztag, Lacrosse, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Teeball, Netball and Lawn Bowls.
Several non-competitive sports are also offered as a part of this program, including dance, martial arts, tai chi and yoga.
These sports are subject to change from year to year to meet the needs and interests of the current year level and staff.

Sporting Carnivals

Mernda Primary provides students with an opportunity to learn about and compete in a range of sporting carnivals throughout the school year. This includes school-based athletics and cross country carnivals with pathways to District, Division, Region, State and National Competition in these areas.
Students wear their full school sporting uniform at these events to visually represent the school with pride. At Mernda Primary we hold good sportsmanship in high regard, and we encourage our students to be gracious in success and to learn from disappointment.

Bike Education

Students in Year 3 take part in a six week Bike Education program as part of their learning in Physical Education. This program consists of classroom and practical cycling activities undertaken within the school grounds. They are introduced to basic road safety, including identification of traffic signs and signals. Students also learn about appropriate footwear, clothing and helmets, whilst developing the following basic bike riding skills:

    • Pre-ride bicycle check
    • Correct riding position

  • Riding in a straight line
  • Scanning with eyes and ears for hazards
  • Braking safely in an emergency and non-emergency situation
  • Slow Riding and manoeuvring around sharp turns
  • Riding on different surfaces

After taking part in this program students are provided with a Level One (Cycling Skills and Simulations) certificate through the VicRoads Bike Education program.


Janet Hamer

Assistant Principals:
Mark Hart & Jason Watts

P: (03) 9717 7900
F: (03) 9717 7999


25 Everton Drive
Mernda, VIC 3754
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Mark Hart

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Yoong Chin

Student Wellbeing:
Lily Dowse

Student Transition & Pathways:
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