MPS Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We will nurture a lifelong passion for LEARNING by:

  • providing a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through collaborative planning and appropriate instruction.
  • using effective teaching practices and differentiated programs in order to cater for individual learning styles and interests which broadens our vision of the world.
  • maintaining our academic standards and continual improvement will be demonstrated through student achievements.
  • working together to make decisions collaboratively by building shared knowledge of best practices. We are committed to maintaining the spirit of ‘team’ in all that we do – recognizing and valuing the contribution of all.
  • providing professional, flexible, open and innovative staff. They collaborate to improve instruction and performance and value time to reflect, review and discuss with others.
  • encouraging our students to be inquisitive, positive and involved members of the community who have fun as they discover the possibilities of learning.
  • ensuring our students are supported to care about themselves, each other, their learning and the environment. They are taught to be courageous, to take appropriate risks and to learn from their mistakes.
  • encouraging the development of resilient, responsible and happy students who care about, their friends, their school and the wider community.


  • providing a safe and secure environment based on mutual respect and inclusivity enabling positive learning.
  • listening to, learning from, and respecting each other with empathy and understanding. We clearly articulate expectations, roles and responsibilities.
  • teaching positive social skills and interactions that lead to the development of responsible citizens
  • demonstrating Pride through the students’ connectedness and their sense of belonging.


  • allowing students to experience enjoyment and personal success through ownership of their learning.
  • developing students who are proud of their achievements as we assist to prepare them for a successful future.
  • ensuring that a quality partnership between home and school is fostered with the view to providing students with the best opportunities for the high achievement of planned outcomes.

We ask our school community to acknowledge the vision and achievements of the staff and students of the school by:

  • believing in our school and our collective ability and being active advocates of the school.
  • contributing to our positive climate and collaborating as a school community.
  • continuing to model to our students that learning is life-long and does not start or end at the school gate.
  • building our own and others’ confidence and trust in the way we relate and work together.
  • being committed and supporting the teaching and learning within our school.