Personal & Social Capabilities

What is PSC?

The Personal and Social Capability is essential in enabling students to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively. The capability involves students learning to:

  •  recognise and regulate emotions,
  • develop empathy for others and understand relationships
  • establish and build a framework for positive relationships
  •  work effectively in teams and develop leadership skills
  • handle challenging situations constructively.


Our curriculum is delivered via structured and explicit lessons that are timetabled to occur throughout the week for all grade levels.

The lessons are resourced and the Victorian Curriculum framework is supported by the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support model, the mandated Resilience Rights and Respectful Relationships curriculum, Better Buddies, Bullying No Way education package and the You Can Do It habits of the mind resources.

Our students learn to be equipped to understand the Behaviour Support Expectations through the school Matrix and these lessons.

We acknowledge improvement and success in this learning by presenting certificates and awards that the students work towards, through VIVO, our online rewards platform.

Student Voice

Our Peer Support Leaders are contributing to the school community through their involvement in student wellbeing initiatives. They work together to provide opportunities for the students to engage in activities that are designed to build social skills and friendships in a positive climate supported by peers. This provides students with leadership skills while teaching them to develop a community spirit while working cooperatively to contribute to their school community.