Critical & Creative Thinking

Critical and Creative thinking  skills are essential in this world where we are subjected to advertising, propaganda, untruths, and misinformation on a daily basis.  Through the explicit teaching of the Critical and Creative Thinking Capability at Mernda Primary School students develop the skills to examine information critically and to ask:

  • Is it true?
  • Is the source credible?
  • How can I confirm this information?
  • How can I refute this information?

Students learn how to use information creatively, using new presentation tools or methods, examining different perspectives of an idea or argument, keeping an open mind and responding in a considered manner. 

Students at Mernda Primary School have the opportunity to practice their Critical and Creative Thinking through many of the curriculum areas, but most particularly when researching for Inquiry and Writing.  Students are taught how to judge the credibility of a source and how to confirm information as being factual.

The benefits of having the ability to think critically and creatively also has positive flow-on effects in social situations including online social platforms.  The “digital age” is one in which we all need the skills and the confidence to judge a statement for its merits and to also be able to prove its credibility.