Year 5 @ MPS

Arrive into Five…Let’s Take a Dive!

Year 5 is an exciting time for the students as they begin their preparation for their final year of Primary School. Students begin their leadership journey, as role models for the younger children. Our year five students demonstrate and teach the school matrix of expected behaviours and values to their Prep buddy through our Better Buddies Program. There are opportunities for students to become Student Representative Council (SRC) leaders, Peer Support leaders and Whiz Kids. The Year 5 students attend camp where they participate in a range of team building skills and challenging tasks and strengthen relationships with their peers.

Year 5 Curriculum

In Literacy, the Year 5 students explore a range of different text types such as; Disney Twisted Tales and Indigenous Australian literature – Storm Boy. The students share their thoughts, develop opinions and ideas of the novels we study and are fully immersed in these discussions. Through our Writing program, the Year 5 students participate in a series of public speaking workshops where they develop a range of communication skills and public speaking skills such as; expression, creative thinking, self-esteem and thinking on your feet. To celebrate their newfound knowledge, the Year 5 students write their own persuasive speech, on a topic of their choice, and present this to their peers and families at the Year Five Speech Night.

Numeracy learning in  Year 5 allows students work towards strengthening their understanding of place value and the four operations to build their mathematical fluency. Students extend their knowledge by working on their problem solving and reasoning skills to apply to real world situations. Students participate in an Amazing Math Race where they work with their peers to complete problem solving math tasks.

In Inquiry, the Year 5 students focus on History in Australia, explorers, bushrangers and Goldfields. To celebrate their learning, the students attend an excursion to Sovereign Hill. Year 5 students explore the State Government and laws in Victoria and participate in a role play at Victoria’s Parliament House. Whilst learning about Australia’s Asian neighbours, the students conduct their own research on a country in the continent of Asia and then present their information at the Year Five Travel Expo.

Year 5 students are also introduced to the topic of Economics and Business for the first time where they explore a range of products and businesses and understand the significant roles, such as; consumers and producers. Students participate in The Smoothie Bar incursion where they work in teams to market research, design, price, create and test their own smoothies.