Year 2 @ MPS

Jump into two…there’s lots to do!

In Year 2 at Mernda Primary School, the students participate in whole class, small group, partner and individual learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum.

In English, students develop a range of strategies to help them read and understand increasingly complex fiction and non-fiction texts. They are provided with opportunities to share their experiences both verbally and in written form, and they are exposed to a wider range of text types. The students also participate in needs-based spelling programs such as ‘Read, Write, Inc’ and SRA Spelling.

Year 2 Curriculum

The Mathematics program at Mernda utilises pre-tests to determine students’ next point of need, and then creates learning sequences to meet these needs. Counting fluency and recall of addition and subtraction facts is a major focus in Year 2. Students participate in whole class, partner and individual practice of numeracy skills regularly. Understanding of place value is extended to include reading, writing, ordering, modelling and renaming larger numbers. Time is spent focussing on developing strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems, and understanding how to represent multiplication and division problems.

As part of our Inquiry and Wellbeing programs, a variety of interactive experiences are provided for students throughout the year. These include an Indigenous culture Virtual Reality (VR) incursion, an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary, our very own ‘Big Day In’ in Term 3, a GoClimb excursion, mindfulness meditations and more! The swimming program at Kingswim Mernda is undertaken in Term 2. Along with Internet-based Chinese lessons with our Chinese teachers, the students enjoy a wide range of engaging learning experiences in Year 2!