Brain Food Program

Children eat lunch indoors and are supervised whilst eating. We encourage children to bring their lunch in lunchboxes with as little packaging as possible and the school has a “Nude Food” program.

‘Nude Food’ is food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best type of nude food consists mainly of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS environmentally friendly. Promoting Nude Food empowers students to make conscious choices about what they eat, and encourages them to think about their impact on the environment (and their health).

The children eat fruit or vegetables at around 10.30pm in the classroom and we call this time “Brain Food”.  “Brain food” is an opportunity for students to take a break from learning and reinvigorate their brains by eating a healthy snack. It is a very healthy habit for the children to develop and assists with their concentration in class.

During this time children are only allowed to eat fresh fruit or vegetables and non-processed foods  (eg carrot sticks, celery).

It is also important that the children have enough water to drink. Each student should have a school water bottle, filled with water, in the classroom that they are encouraged to drink from regularly.