Payments (Qkr!)

QKR! is Mernda Primary’s preferred method of payment. 

Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) by Mastercard, is a new easy to use payments app, designed to make school payments easier! 
This app:

  • Saves you time by letting you order and pay for school items directly from your phone 
  • Reduces the need for your child to bring cash to school 
  • Reduces the time school staff spend on administrative tasks 

Current Payment Opportunities 

  • Bookpacks and School Fees 
  • Most Excursions 
  • Canteen Orders 
  • School Accessories (No Uniform) 
    • Drink Bottles 
    • Hats 
    • Library Bags 

Getting started with Qkr! 

Step 1: Choose your device

Step 2: Register

Select Country of Residence as ‘Australia’ and follow the steps to register

Step 3: Find our School

Search for Mernda Primary School, the school will also show up if you are within 4kms of the school

Step 4: Register your Children

When first accessing your school menu, you will be prompted to register your child. This allows you to make school orders on their behalf.