First Aid

Sick or Injured CHILDREN

The physical welfare of students is paramount at Mernda Primary School and all teachers have first aid training.

Within our school, minor ailments and injuries are all treated with compassion. Any child requiring first aid will attend the school sick bay. If your child has attended the sick bay you will be notified, where deemed  necessary, to the emergency contact on the enrolment form. We also notify parents to collect their child in the case of an incident or illness.

If an emergency arises, we take immediate action to ensure the best interests of your child are protected and that your needs are met. Therefore it is very important that all Emergency information at school is accurate and up to date.

Parents are strongly advised to regularly update their home and emergency contact numbers so that the school can continue to facilitate a high level of care for your child.


Whilst we do not encourage the taking of medicines at school, it is recognised under certain circumstances that prescribed medicines may need to be administered during school hours. The school cannot be held responsible for misadministration of medicines but will endeavour to carry out the written instructions as per requested in a letter from parents. The note and the medicine are to be handed to the General Office. Medication will not be kept on the premises for extended periods of time.

All medication will need to be picked up at the end of the school year otherwise it will be disposed of in accordance with DET guidelines.

Asthma Puffers/Anaphylaxis

All students who are anaphylactic or have asthma are required to have a management plan from their medical practitioner. Parents need to supply their child with a puffer or epipen if this is part of the plan.