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Digital Technologies @ Mernda Primary School


Mernda Primary School prioritises digital learning for all students from Prep to Year 6. Our main goal is to assist students towards becoming future ready citizens and to provide them with technical skills and collaborative abilities in order to function and work in the rapidly changing digital world.

We believe that technology compliments and assists teachers and students to learn, collaborate and explore during lessons. Digital tools are embedded across all areas of the curriculum at our school, both in the classroom and in specialist areas such as Science, Performing Arts, Phys Ed and Visual Arts.

To support Digitech at Mernda Primary, a significant amount of the global budget is devoted to providing the necessary infrastructure, hardware, technicians and a Digital Learning leading teacher. Students at Mernda Primary school are provided with access to 1:1 computing in all classrooms, as timetabled by their teacher and each teaching space has access to an Interactive Whiteboard to assist with teaching. Careful consideration is taken when purchasing devices for students with touch screen tablets used in Junior Primary (Prep – Year 3) gradually progressing to full sized laptops in Years 3-6.

This is to assist our ‘digital native’ students to progress from simply Touch and Swiping, as young learners, to Microsoft Office and Typing skills, Programming, Robotics and using Web 2.0 tools. We work hard as a staff to offer a Digitech lesson each week on top of the general usage of ICT, to teach students all about Digital Technologies.

Mernda Primary School is an eSmart accredited school and has an active Cyber Safety program that is taught by classroom teachers from Prep – Year 6. The school takes pride in a whole school approach with an acceptable use agreement for Digital Technology. Students discuss and learn about Cyber Citizenship, Digital Footprints and how to be a responsible online user.

Parents are actively encouraged to be part of the school community online, with the use of the ‘Digital Parent Portal’ and through their child’s online Digital Portfolio. Student reports are accessible online and parents are encouraged to be involved with their child’s day-to-day learning through the ‘Digital Parent Portal’.

As part of our student leadership program, there are opportunities for children in Year 4 and 5 to apply for the position of ‘ICT Whiz Kid’. Here they develop in their Digitech and Leadership capabilities. Mernda Primary provides many opportunities for your learners to develop their digital capabilities throughout their primary school years.

Did you know – ‘85% Of Jobs That Will Exist In 2030 Haven’t Been Invented Yet’ (Dell)


Cybersmart is a national cybersafety and cybersecurity education program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to cybersafety. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of its target audiences of children, young people, parents, teachers and library staff.

This Guide is designed to support families to be informed and safe online.

As our children use new online tools to learn and communicate, informed conversations between parents, teachers and children help to build strong, positive and safe relationships.

21st Century Education at Mernda Primary School is based on enduring community values and exemplary personal skills in an everchanging global and online environment.

Cybersafety Guide for Parents

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Cyber{smart} Schools

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