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History of Mernda Primary

1853 – 1970’s
Mernda Primary School No. 0488 was first established in 1853 on Plenty Road just south of Bridge Inn Road. Originally named ‘Plenty State School’, it was renamed to Mernda Primary School in 1913 in line with a change in suburb name. The original school building still stands today near the entry to the Woodland Waters estate. The original school buildings were made from palings, weather boards and covered with a shingle roof. Although the rooms occupied two large chimneys at either end, it was extremely cold in winter. Lighting was also an issue, as electricity wasn’t installed until the early 1950’s. There were two windows looking into a verandah and only a small light above the outside door. The teachers main concern though was there was no where to hang caps and bonnets!school_history_1
1970’s – 2011
In the early 1970’s, our student enrolment numbers grew to over 100 students. The Plenty Road Site could no longer cope, especially without town water and only three toilets! The new four-classroom Mernda Primary School building was opened in Johnson’s Road, Mernda in 1976. Over the years portables and other structures have continued to be added to accommodate growing student numbers.
2011 – Present
Today with an enrolment of 890 students and a rapidly growing population in the surrounding area we have relocated to our new location in Everton Drive, Mernda Villages. This state of the art facility features open learning areas, visual arts, sciences and technology spaces, a resource area, performing arts centre, gymnasium and an environmental area known as the Frog Bog. This new building accommodates up to 450 students and give us the opportunity to continue our 161 year tradition of quality schooling in Mernda.


Janet Hamer

Assistant Principals:
Mark Hart & Jason Watts

P: (03) 9717 7900


25 Everton Drive
Mernda, VIC 3754
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Mark Hart

Jason Watts

Yoong Chin

Student Wellbeing:
Lily Dowse

Student Transition & Pathways:
Jo Couret

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