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Art Project 2017

During Term 2 students at Mernda Primary School were given the opportunity to participate in an art project, working with Baseline Youth Services from Whittlesea Council. Here are some student reports about the project.

Artwork By Evelyn 6D

When we first started our project we were to write a quote. Teachers helped us to come up with our quotes. Some were inspirational, others amazing and about art. All of us enjoyed it. They told us it was going to be great and it was.Once our artworks had been laid out around Mernda we had the Mayor of Whittlesea come and talk about where our artworks were laid. We all got into groups and led by teachers we all walked around Mernda Villages. The art work was fantastic in every way possible. If you walk around you may notice the inspirational quotes created by Year 4s, 5s and 6s of Mernda Primary School

By Bianca 6B

We participated in Art Club for 2017! We had to create a piece of artwork that had a quote on it. My artwork said ‘Don’t destroy Earth’ with drawings of trees and animals. It was a fun experience. Then after a couple of sessions of drawing and decorating it, we got it printed onto the pathway around Mernda. On the release of the artwork, all the members of the art club gathered together. We had drinks of lemonade and cookies. After the snack we split into groups and walked around to see all the beautiful artwork. The Mayor of Whittlesea was also there. We got photos taken with the Mayor during the walk.

By Jade 6B

Artwork By Taya 5C

Artwork By Kuini 6B

Hi, I’m Kuini and I participated in Art Club for 2017. We created art pieces and added a meaningful quote. Mine was ‘The Earth without art is just eh’. In the fun and exciting process we were helped by a range of different people including Mrs Branagan. On the day of the release all of our artworks were printed to the concrete floor making a beautiful pathway. We got to eat different types of foods and delicious drinks.It was also a really great privilege to meet the Mayor of Whittlesea. We took photos with him and headed off onto a brisk walk around to have a look at all the amazing artworks. I had such an awesome time.

Kuini 6B


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