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Mernda Primary School

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Kindergarten to Prep Transition


The aim of our K-P transition program is ensure the smoothest possible start to school for our new students.
The program allows the students (and parents) to gain some familiarity about our school, their peers and the classroom environment. At the completion of the program they will know their new room and their teacher.

It allows us to get to know our new students and be prepared for all their varied needs, both academic and emotional.
The program consists of a general information session for parents in April.
Three orientation sessions for children. One at the end of term 3 and two at the beginning of term 4. The third session is also a parent information meeting.
To complete the program we celebrate with a BBQ in December where the students meet their new teachers and classmates and see their new rooms.

Transition Events 2015

Orientation Sessions

So that our sessions are a friendly size we are running 2 orientation groups – your child will attend the sessions that correlate with their surname.

A-K Surname
28th August
9th October
23rd October
L – Z Surname
4th September
16th October
30th October

These sessions will help your child become familiar with school. They will also allow you to get a sense of our school and for our teachers to begin to get to know you and your child.

Parent Information Session

2.00 — 3.00 pm  2015

A – K (Surname)
23rd October
L – Z Surname
30th October

Prep Family BBQ 2016

Tuesday 8th December 2015

5:00 – 6:30pm

Year 6-7 Transition


The transition from year six to seven is an important milestone in your child’s development.
For some it is looked forward to with great excitement, for others it is a scary unknown.
Mernda Primary School is working hard to develop strategies to assist our students with this transition and to make it as exciting and as comfortable as possible.
Secondary and primary schools in the area have met together and have identified that the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is an area we need to focus on to improve student engagement at school.
To this end, we at Mernda Primary School are completely committed to giving our students the best start to secondary school we can.
Part of the Term 4 program will develop confidence and organisational skills in our students during the running of the ‘Secondary School Program’. Students will be given individual timetables, different to those in their home group and the teaching of each subject will be by a different teacher in Year 6. The students will experience what it is like having different teachers for each different subject. Homework will be given by individual teachers. In most cases, it will be to finish work not completed in class as is the practice of the secondary schools in the Whittlesea area. We will continue to run streamed maths classes targeting individual learning more consistently. Students will begin and end the day in their homeroom classes and student will attend specialist’s class in their homeroom classes.
This program is designed to familiarize our students with different teachers and to develop organisational skills such as, bringing their diary to every session and bringing two sessions worth of books to change between classes quickly.
We feel very passionately about assisting our students in making such a huge transition successfully and believe our students will benefit greatly, having these ‘secondary school’ experiences in a safe environment.
On a more practical note, Transition forms are handed to parents in accordance with the Department of Education timelines early in the year (usually at the beginning of April). You will be asked to decide on the secondary school your child will be attending the following year. Once those notes are returned, they are sent from Mernda Primary School to the selected secondary school. Parents are then notified about the successful school placement of their child by formal letter from the primary school (usually in August).

Transition Process

All parents of students in both Year 5 and Year 6 are advised to attend all information sessions for their local government secondary schools. This process will assist the final selection of placement. Final placement into a government school is in accordance with the guidelines of each individual college and Department guidelines. Parents who are planning to send their children to private schools need to follow the process specific to that school.

Timeline for Government Schools 2016

·  21st April – Parent Letter, secondary education information, and Application for Enrolment form distributed to parents of Year 6 students

· 22nd May – Return completed Application for Enrolment forms to Mernda Primary School

·  8th August – Written confirmation regarding secondary school placement sent to parents

·  6th December – Orientation Day: Year 6 students attend their chosen government secondary college

Local Secondary Colleges

Gilson College:

– Greensborough College:

– Hazel Glen College:

·  Ivanhoe Grammar School:

·  The Lakes South Morang:

.  Marymede Catholic College:

·  Mill Park Secondary College:

.  Parade College:

.  St Helena College:

·  Viewbank College:

·  Whittlesea Secondary College:


Janet Hamer

Assistant Principals:
Mark Hart & Jason Watts

P: (03) 9717 7900


25 Everton Drive
Mernda, VIC 3754
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Mark Hart

Jason Watts

Yoong Chin

Student Wellbeing:
Lily Dowse

Student Transition & Pathways:
Jo Couret

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